About Us

About Spectrum
The mission of Spectrum Health is to improve the health conditions, and advance health equity, for those we serve within our communities through the delivery of primary care, specialty and social services.

Our Cause Defines Us
To be a leader in the delivery of primary care services and access to specialty care offered regardless of age, race, creed, sex, national origin, or ability to pay by developing innovative programs, new technologies, and excellent facilities.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a leading provider of world-class healthcare in our communities through innovative and strategic partnerships and serving as a model of success for other Federally Qualified Health Centers.

How We Do It
We are a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Our model of integrated care provides services for all life cycles and addresses the complexity of medical and social/economic issues facing our patients and the residents in the communities served.  Our range of services include Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn, Adult Health, Dental, HIV/AIDS Outreach and Primary Care, Case Management, Behavioral Health, Nutrition, Podiatry, Weight Management, Community Health Workers, and Care Coordination.

Our clinical team of multi-disciplinary professionals work in concert to ensure that patient care is thorough, complete, and fully understood by the patient. Our Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care ensures that patient care is delivered through care teams involving an integrated approach that requires a high level of care coordination. As a result, we are able to address gaps in care and address barriers to care.

When I was having a hard time in my life, Spectrum Health Services was there to help and encourage me to move forward when my young son had asthma problems. My son is now eleven years old and his asthma is in check. I feel really, really blessed to have Spectrum Health Services as my health care provider.”
Anna Hargrove, Patient


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