Veronica Hill-Milbourne, RN, MS, JD
President and CEO

Welcome to Spectrum!

On behalf of the senior management team and staff of Spectrum Health Services, Inc., I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. At Spectrum Health Services, we truly care about our patients, and strive to be actively engaged as good community partners.  We have a strong history of providing exceptional primary care, dental, OB/GYN, behavioral health, podiatry, and nutritional support services.

Since opening our doors more than 50 years ago, we have remained at the heart of a movement built around one thing: providing people with access to quality care regardless of their ability to pay.

Our team of compassionate healthcare providers work together to make the Spectrum community a better place to live by bringing quality care to the neighborhoods we serve.  We are committed to providing you with a World Class” experience and are proud to offer you a clean, welcoming and safe environment.

I invite you to sign up for the Patient Portal to save you time and phone calls and provide quick answers to questions. Spectrum serves all patients regardless of income or insurance status. Our sliding fee program allows us to reduce or “slide” the fees for the care of you or your family. You can apply for the program if you need assistance to help you pay for your care. Eligibility is based on family income and family size.  Providing access to quality care and services is at the center of what we do.  At Spectrum, “We Care, We Value, We Serve”.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Best Regards,

Veronica Hill-Milbourne


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