Recognizing Racism as Public Health Crisis

Spectrum Health Services, Inc. is committed to racial equality and social justice for all.  Spectrum Health condemns the long history of racism and social inequality in America and repeated abuses of power and incidents of police brutality against persons of color. The disproportionate impact of COVID -19 and other health and social disparities on people of color are demonstrative of current and historic injustice, conditions that dictate the inescapable call for accountability and urgent change.

As a community health center serving Philadelphia’s most vulnerable citizens for more than 55 years and as a public health provider organization, we assert racism and oppression as a public health crisis.  We pledge to take intentional and sustainable steps to be part of the crisis response, deserving of the same heighten attention we would devote to any other epidemic that threatens the health of the population and the fabric of our society.

Spectrum Health is committed to ensuring that each patient is treated fairly with dignity and respect.  We condemn any acts of violence against any member of our local, national, or global community based on race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or identification.  Spectrum Health implores those in the community, recognized leaders, public and elected officials, and community advocates to work together for change.

The time for action is now! 


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